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There is a life force within us all that energises and frees the mind. The ancient yogis learned that by controlling this energy you can influence every part of your life.

The quality of our mind and emotions are closely linked to this life force. We call it 'breath'. In learning to connect with the breath, we can expand this energy within to achieve a more calm, peaceful, steady and emotionally intelligent mind.

Ayama Living is where I invite you to discover the secrets of how to use the breath to improve mind-body connection fusing ancient Vedic wisdom and yogic practices so you can live with less stress, less anxiety, better sleep and more freedom of spirit.

Let's work together to optimise your wellbeing, one conscious breath at a time.

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The quality of our breath determines our state of mind. Our state of mind determines the quality of our life. We have all heard of meditation and breathwork but did you know they are powerful practices enabling you to take charge of your physical and emotional state of being, re-wiring your brain, and freeing your energy pathways. Curious?

Then join me on the mat to find out how you can make these practices accessible for your lifestyle.

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A Four – Week Foundation Course in Meditation and Pranayama

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