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Welcome to Ayama Living, your sanctuary for personal transformation through meditation and pranayama (yogic breathwork).

I believe true change is a journey that begins from within. My mission is to guide you on a path of deep self-discovery, inner peace and spiritual awakening.

Meditation and pranayama aren't just for relaxing - they are powerful practices for reshaping your consciousness, enhancing your wellbeing and unlocking your highest potential. Blending ancient wisdom and modern insights I offer meditation and pranayama trainings, classes, workshops and coaching that help you seamlessly integrate meditation and pranayama into the fabric of your daily life. I support your spiritual journey with a variety of techniques and personalised guidance empowering you to cultivate mindfulness, dissolve stress, anxiety and find clarity.

Discover your inner calm and strength, unlock your divine balance and embrace a transformative spiritual journey with me.

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Hello, I'm Nikki. After experiencing a catastrophic burnout, I found healing and transformation through meditation, breathwork and yoga. Now as a meditation teacher and coach, I am dedicated to guiding others on their journey to peace and balance.

Join me to discover personalised practices that can help you overcome stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and other modern day stressors. Learn to reconnect with yourself, unlock your potential and create a fulfilling life. Embrace the journey to inner peace and transformation. You are worth it!

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A Four – Week Foundation Course in Meditation and Pranayama

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