Ayama is a Sanskrit word commonly used in the yoga community in connection with pranayama, the conscious awareness of breath. “Prana” translates as ‘life energy’ and “Ayama” translates as ‘expansion’, referring to how a regular practice of pranayama can expand one’s awareness beyond normal limits.

Ayama Living is where I teach, share and inspire you to expand your yogic practices so you can reach your full potential. Through the support and promotion of positive lifestyle choices, wellness, yoga and meditation practices, I aim to help my clients form deeper connections with themselves, and the world around them.

My Story

Hello, I’m Nikki. I began my yoga journey after suffering acute stress and exhaustion during a challenging period in my life. When a friend recommended I learn to meditate, I was not convinced this would help my chattering mind or calm the emotional turbulence within but very quickly after learning to meditate I began to understand the benefits of accessing your inner being in a natural way to release the daily stressors of life.

Fast forward nearly 10 years and my life has changed beyond all recognition. People often comment on how calm I am! I credit this to my daily yoga, pranayama and meditation practice which supports my mind-body and busy lifestyle. I study under the guidance of Sunny Saraswati Devi and continue to invest many CPD hours in all things yoga and meditation with various yogis who are meteors in the yoga world.

My Mantra
My philosophy is that there is enough stress in the world. We don’t need to create more! Within us all there is an ancient wisdom we can access for joy and inner bliss but the external world has taught us to forget, disconnecting us from our true nature. It’s time to awaken and remember who we are!

I combine my own personal yoga and meditation experiences with my passion for leadership, self-mastery and wellness.


Yoga Education Academic Education
500 hr Yoga Alliance Advanced Yoga Teacher Lawyer
Mantra Meditation MBA
Mindfulness Meditation Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Ashtanga Yoga Strategic Called to Lead
Yoga Bodywork Leader as Coach
Reiki Level II
Swedish Massage
Holistic Facials
Yogic Breathwork and Pranayama Techniques

Ready to transform yourself from within? Then let’s work together.

With love, light and a little Ayama Magic.

Nikki x