My Story

Located in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, the motivation to create this space came from my own yoga and meditation journey. The right essential oil blend can take your yoga and meditation experience next level stimulating clear thinking, relaxation, energy happiness and much more.  When we enhance our Practice, we enhance our life.

Whether you are looking for a complimentary yoga or home product, each one is consciously designed to compliment your lifestyle on or off the mat helping you live more mindfully. Our candles, reed diffusers and atmosphere sprays will slowly and delicately rise and fill any room with an aromatherapeutic fragrance.

The gorgeous recycled glass compliments any home, office or studio.

All products are hand poured in small batches. The candle wicks are made from cotton.

What is Ayama?

Ayama is a Sanskrit word commonly used in the yoga community in connection with pranayama, the conscious awareness of breath. “Prana” translates as ‘life energy’ and “Ayama” translates as ‘expansion’, referring to how a regular practice of pranayama can expand one’s awareness beyond normal limits.

Language is not the only ancient knowledge that still flourishes. Increasingly we are turning to traditional remedies and treatments as solutions to the travails of modern life. Essential oils are one example of how to naturally improve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. My products embrace and promote the benefits of this ancient, traditional, natural and holistic remedy.

Through the support and promotion of positive lifestyle choices, wellness, yoga and meditation practices, I aim to help my clients and customers form deeper connections with themselves, and the world around them.

My Mantra

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word translating to  “non-harming”. It’s at the heart of what I do. I strive to be a 100% natural and conscious business. All products are:

  • 100% plant-based wax, and use essential oils.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Free from paraffin and palm.
  • Handmade and Hand Poured.
  • Use ethically sourced ingredients.

I deliberately use minimal packaging and the packing I do use is recycled or is biodegradable. You can therefore be reassured that any purchase you make is sending loving kindness to yourself, your friends, family and this beautiful planet we call home.