Do you find yourself dashing from task to task? Telling yourself and others there simply isn’t time to get it all done? It’s so easy in today’s fast paced world to get caught up in this cycle of working harder, doing more, heading to emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. But there is a way to give yourself a break, in under two minutes and it’s free.

Just take a breath and PAUSE….

Here are 5 top tips you can practice as part of your daily rituals:

Top Tip Number 1 – Look Up! 

When we are stressed and feeling busy, we tend to close our bodies down. We look inward, stifling our creativity. When you notice yourself doing this, change the view.  Stand up, take a deep breath, expand your body, look up, and let the view come to you. Allow your eyes to soften, and your gaze expand into the space. Keep breathing.  (If you are at work, just pretend you are deep in thought or about to come up with some fab new idea!).

Top Tip Number 2 – Drink more Water!

We all know we need to do this, but doing it is another matter. Dehydration is real when you are focused or busy or stressed. Make sure you have a bottle of water with you and just sip regularly. It makes a huge difference. If you struggle with plain water, pop some lemon or honey, or ginger in it or maybe a fruit teabag.

Top Tip Number 3 – Essential Oils!

Well of course we would say that! Get one of our relaxing reed diffuser in your office room, light a clam candle or maybe rub some body oil into your hands and inhale for instant calm. Our lavender and bergamot body lotion and shower creme are also the perfect combination to wind down with.

Top Tip Number 4 – Just Breathe!

Yep, just breathe. Inhale for four, hold for the count of two and exhale for five. Repeat, this time exhaling for six. Repeat, this time exhaling for seven. See if you can get to ten. See if you can breathe deeply – full body and exhale sending all that clean air into every cell of your body. It’s a fab way to reduce stress and body tension as it relaxes the nervous system.

Top Tip Number 5 – Write it Down!

One of my fave things to do! Journaling, brain dumping, writing notes and sticking them in jar. Whatever works for you, but get it out of your head. If it’s only for you, you don’t need to re-read it but it can be a useful way to track emotions.