1. Go somewhere new!

It takes a bit of confidence to get out there on your own but if you start small, soon you will find your inner power and you’ll just go whenever the call comes ! You never know who you might meet or what might inspire you to start that business, pursue your passion.

2. Power Lunch

Before I started Ayama I used to go out a lunch and practice with my camera or sometimes I would take myself off and journal ideas for half an hour.  You could sketch or draw. You might even consider writing the storyline for that novel you’ve always wanted to pen.

3.  Start early!

I am definitely not a member of the 5am club but I admire anyone who is! That said, I have an early morning routine in place that really sets me up for the day. This includes dedicating some time to my passion projects. Try it! You’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

4. Culture Vulture

Considering I was on my own during covid, I thought I coped really well in trying to stay mentally, physically and emotionally well. However, towards the end I was in need of a culture injection.  Since the world opened back up again I now plan dates with myself to the theatre or cinema and have even found a new art gallery I enjoy visiting.

5. Get off the screens and devices.

I must admit I don’t really watch TV and am a lot better about not having my devices on. We all know we need to watch less and do less with our phones. And we know it works. But it’s harder than you think! You just have to ask yourself: “shall I spend the next half an hour scrolling through the social media or invest that half an hour in myself?”