We all know that constant mobile phone use is bad for us yet we just can’t help ourselves. Here are Ten Tips for reducing your screen time so you can live with better sleep, less anxiety, more focus and become fully present in your life.

#1.  Get a Handle on your Screen Time

Most phones now tell you what your screen time is each week. Take stock of this and if necessary set screen limits and consider making use of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ function.  My phone is on ‘Do not Disturb’ from 8pm but I managed the setting to allow calls to be received from close family members. Excessive screen time causes our attention to frequently shift from one external stimulus to another so it’s no wonder that when we reduce our phone time, we focus better.

#2.  Track your health with Wellbeing Digital Tools

I can’t lie here. I was a reluctant participant in this but am now fully engaged. There are so many apps that are available to help you track your wellbeing. Pick some that are important to you. Most phones whether android or smart phone have an inbuilt health app that lets you record your periods, steps taken etc.

#3.  Remove Addictive Apps from the Home Screen

During Covid and I became addicted to Woody the free tetra style app. I have since cleaned up my home screen and made the more addictive apps less accessible. Also delete any apps you don’t use. They will still be there if you need them in the future!

#4   Switch off notifications

This is a game changer! Remove the ‘ping’ from messages and apps for an instant stress free boost.

#5.  Take a Day Off

You may need to build up to this one. But try having laptop/mobile phone/technology free days.  If you think about it, when you leave your mobile phone switched on but not in use, it doesn’t stop working.  Messages are still coming in and the back end of your mobile phone is constantly whirring, draining the battery. It’s only when it is unplugged that the phone ‘rests’ and when it is plugged in that it ‘recharges’. You aren’t much different! Unplug to rest and recharge!

#6.  Buy an Alarm Clock

Remember that Mickey Mouse alarm clock you got for your 11th Birthday all those years ago? Now you have the perfect use for it. Experts are now agreed that not only do smartphone emit radiation, sleeping next to your phone changes your mood, increasing the amount of anxiety you are exposed to.

#7  Change your phone to Grayscale 

Try switching the colour palette on your phone to Grayscale to make phone access more mindful. The idea is to try and make using your phone visually boring. Without the colours your brain is not stimulated so much hopefully dampening down the enthusiasm to use it.

#8   Rearrange your Home Screen.

A quick clean up of all the Apps you don’t use and then rearranging the remaining apps on your Home Screen may help you spend less time on your phone as you are not having to search so much. You can get creative with this and organise in folders, or colours, or themes.

#9. Check your Apps – Use positive and Uplifting Apps only.

If you had a petrol car and filled it with diesel it would soon get sick.  Take charge of your mental health and clean up what you consume on technology.

#10  Set Intention to Be Present  and have phone free meals

Create a tech free zone. Switch your phone off when you are with people.